Clientes y testimonios

“Fue una experiencia muy grata, transparente y acogedora. No hubo dificultades de ningún tipo y toda la información siempre estuvo disponible.

Recomiendo a esta Inmobiliaria, hoy los servicios se diferencian por la calidad humana y por la cercanía con las personas/usuarios.
La inmobiliaria logró personalizar el servicio y darme una acogida que respondía a mis necesidades y que, sin duda, fueron fundamentales en la decisión de compra.”

Cristian Chavez

“Fue una experiencia positiva, pude visitar el departamento las veces que necesité, la comunicación con Luz María y Aram (dueños de la inmobiliaria) fue expedita. La información estuvo siempre clara, respecto de las condiciones de venta.

Por estas razones, recomendaría esta inmobiliaria!”

Soledad Ross

“My name is Stephen Ruivo and I bought my apartment from Stoffel & Valdivieso just over a year and a half ago. I remember the first day I went to see the apartment, both Luz Maria and Aram were there to greet me and show me around. They were such pleasant and welcoming people and made me feel comfortable.

When entering the apartment, I thought to myself what a beautiful place! It was a huge open space, everything was freshly painted, clean and spotless. The quality of the work that has been done on the apartment was outstanding as well. The kitchen, bathrooms, bedroom closets, floors, and windows were all remodeled and the apartment felt band new! A few weeks later, I decided to make an offer because I couldn’t stop thinking about myself living there.

After the offer was accepted, the whole process with Stoffel & Valdivieso was very smooth and were easy to work with. As we all know, purchasing a property can be extremely difficult and time consuming and they were very honest, trusting, hardworking and understanding people that made you feel like a friend or family member.

I am so pleased with my purchase, every day that I enter my home I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such an amazing place!

Thank you again Stoffel & Valdivieso!”

Stephen Ruivo